Lance was a born fighter. Growing up in Coquitlam BC Lance learned to defend himself at an early age. Being one of only a handful of African-American kids in the community fighting became a daily occurrence.

It was when he moved to Seattle in the early 90’s that he decided to start training in Martial Arts under the tutelage of Matt Hume. Lance’s training partners included such notables as Matt Hume, Maurice Smith, Josh Barnett, Haru Shimanishi, Ivan Salaverry, Dennis Hallman, Jeff Munson, and the legendary Kimo.

Straight into the fire, Lance Gibson’s first pro fight at Hawaii’s SuperBrawl wowed the crowd with him choking out the 6 time FutureBrawl champion Peter Matutia in the first round. Outweighed by 80 lbs, Lance took down this Goliath and won not only the respect of the Hawaiians, but the nickname they bestowed upon him “Fearless.”

The fight world took notice; Gibson’s phone was ringing off the hook with opportunities.

Next up for Lance was a 27 minute nonstop war with UFC Hall of Fame icon and Champion Dan “the Beast” Severn. People fell in love with this fearless fighter, showing the samurai spirit and never shying away from opponents twice his size.

From there Lance moved on to fight in Japan’s prestigious Shooto organization they pitted Lance against #5 ranked fighter in the world, Akihiro Gono. Lance utterly destroyed him. Moving up the Shooto ranks Lance was feared by many fighters for his vicious and technical fighting style. Most just flat out refused to fight him. Finally the #2 ranked fighter Masanori Suda agreed to fight. Lance Gibson rocked Tokyo by annihilating their hero. From then on, nobody in Shooto dared to face him, it was time to answer the call of the UFC.

In UFC 24 Lance defeated Jermaine Andre via a vicious knee knockout in the 3rd round, which has been immortalized on DVD Ultimate Knockouts 1 and 2. Lance retired from competition as the #1 Shooto Fighter in the world.